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Nestled in the Catskill mountains, the Kaaterskill is your backyard wedding venue.

Adaptations Spa at The Kaaterskill

On average, planning your wedding takes about 200 hours. We know how hard you, your family and friends are all working to create the weekend of your dreams, and because of that, we wanted to offer our very valuable guests a way to help melt that stress of planning away. Just being on the lush grounds of The Kaaterskill is relaxing in its own right, strolling along the 40 acres of rich wooded areas, meandering by the creek, basking in the sun by the pond… But how about we up the ante, and offer some amazing spa service options specific to The Kaaterskill, brought to you by the fabulous Adaptations Spa?

There is no better way to melt your wedding stress away than a peaceful morning (or evening before) massage, right onsite. Services can be performed in our new on site spa suite, in your very own room, or even a group service in our Pond House, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Inn.

Whether you are looking for a single service, a couples massage the night before the big day, or a group service as a gift to your bridal party, or maybe your nearest and dearest family members as a thank you for all they’ve done, we can help you create the perfect package or service offerings, from an amazing team of professionals.

Services are all listed here on our blog (Spa Services link), but for more information contact the lovely Rachael Kennedy, of Adaptations Spa & Therapeutic Services at 845.594.8437.

We look forward to adding even more amazing into your fantastic wedding weekend!

Vendor Spotlight - Becca’s Basics

Candles. I love them. I love the warmth, literal and figurative. I love the shadows, the glow, the scent, the ROMANCE! If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a total sucker for romance. I love it. I love, love (there it is again!). I believe that the glow of a candle, or many candles, just creates this whole vibe of togetherness. Serenity, perhaps.

So let me introduce you to a woman very near and dear to my heart, both personally and professionally. Miss Rebecca Klob is not only a very dear friend, but also a master at her craft. Her products are out of this world amazing, with scents that will take you right where you want to go, and quality that is top notch. What’s my personal favorite part about her company? Everything is CUSTOMIZABLE! You can mix, match, build and essentially create your perfect item. Whether gifts, décor, or favors, Becca’s Basics is an amazing addition to our spotlight!

"Tell me a little more about yourself…"-

My name is Rebecca Klob and I own Becca’s Basics. I make hand poured candles of all kinds. I started this business about a year and a half ago and have been doing it full time for about 10 months. I do live locally and I have a shop right in my home. Starting a business of my own has always been a dream of mine and I am lucky enough to produce a product that I can really get behind and more importantly that I am proud to put my name on.

The Kaaterskill: “Share with me a bit about your passions, as related to the wedding industry.”

Becca’s Basics: I have always loved candles, whether it is the setting for a large group or an intimate evening alone or with friends. I love to burn candles both inside and outside, there is nothing that can replace the elegance and ambiance of candle light.  I think there are many out there who agree. I had always found that buying a quality candle seemed more expensive than it had to be, especially for someone who burns through quite a lot. I knew that I could make and sell a candle of superior quality for less than what I was finding out there in the market. Now I am not saying that there weren’t less expensive candles out there…there are and will always be. The key is quality- a candle that is long lasting and burns properly using only the best quality fragrance oils.  Through much trial and experimenting, I came up with configurations of wax and wicks that I was happy with.

Looking for more information? You can find more details on Becca’s Basics on the following media:

Facebook -

Coming Soon! - 

Ready to talk details? You can contact Rebecca as follows:

518 229-9430/ 518 966-0181 


Final Note to New Couples:

"I am always available for questions and quotes. I am willing to do my best to fulfill any vision that you may have- I do carry a line of jars, pillars  and votives, but I am more than happy to make whatever creative vision you have come to life.  I fully stand behind my candles and guarantee that you will be happy with the product- when considering a wedding, we want to know that even the smallest of candles will be long lasting and burn properly. You have my word that they will last through your very special day and beyond."


Vendor Spotlight- Amaranth Wedding Photography


I love, love. I say it so often. That’s why weddings drew me in. That one day in a couples life where their love just radiates. Out of every piece of their amazing day! Of all of the professionals you will work with to create your perfect event, your photographer is the sole owner of capturing that day. Capturing tiny little moments within that day. Moments that you can feel for a lifetime, but can look at a photo and recall every piece of  that moment and just how phenomenal it was. This weeks vendor spotlight is a shining example of capturing that. I couldn’t stop perusing their sites, and ooh-ing and aah-ing over the romance that was just pouring out of each and every wedding photo I had the pleasure of viewing. Join me in seeing how much Amaranth Wedding Photography loves, love, too.


Amaranth is the collaboration between documentary photographers Sheila Griffin and Becky Holladay.  Sheila and Becky met while studying at the International Center of Photography and discovered their mutual love for all things square, dreamy, and Brooklyn. They have each lived in NYC for over 10 years, coincidently for a few years in the same Brooklyn apartment building before they even knew each other. They, also coincidently, each had childhood dreams of becoming “fly girl” dancers OR primatologists. But they are pretty happy with being photographers too!

"We believe in marriage equality for all!"

They first began photographing weddings for their friends and quickly realized that weddings offered so many of the same things that drew them to documentary photography.  It is a glimpse into someone’s life, an opportunity to be let into an inner circle and to tell the story of a momentous yet very personal occasion. It is a day full of joy that they always feel privileged to be a part of.


The Kaaterskill: “Share with me a bit about your passions, as related to the wedding industry.”

Amaranth Wedding Photography: “We love shooting film! For all of our wedding packages we shoot several rolls of film on medium format cameras such as a Mamiya twin lens, Holga, and Roliflex. Even with all the trendy Instagram-y filters for digital photos these days, nothing is quite like a real film photograph. This is one of the things that sets us apart as wedding photographers. Film has a warmth, richness, and timelessness, like the family heirloom that your wedding photos will become. We sometimes describe the difference between digital and film like the difference between listening to your iPod and an old vinyl album. That said, we are certainly not against technology! We also use only the best digital cameras and lighting equipment.”


Looking for more information? You can find more information on Amaranth Wedding Photography on the following media:

Ready to talk details? You can contact Amaranth Wedding Photography as follows:

Submission form on our website, or, or 860-559-3254 

Final note to new couples:

"Hello lovely couples! We are excited to be featured on the Kaaterskill’s blog and happy you found us. This venue is so beautiful and rustic - we love it! Surrounded by the gorgeous Catskills, you get breathtaking views and charming details, it’s the perfect place to photograph! Take a look at this gallery:  to see Lacy & Antonio’s wedding we photographed at the Kaaterskill. We hope we can tell your unique story too!”


Vendor Spotlight - The Power of Nutrition


One of the top stressors I hear from wedding couples is getting themselves “wedding ready”. Whether it’s a few pounds here or there, just finding that mental clarity, toning, or just feeling good for your big day. All of these are extremely important items to have on your list. But they don’t need to be a stress in themselves. How counter intuitive! As a wedding planner, I ALWAYS stress a stress free wedding planning process, and notably a stress free wedding day (queue your wedding planner). You want to really be present for this amazing day in your lives! In mind, body and spirit. Tackle that stress early, so you can coast right through your big day with splendor and memories for a lifetime and beyond. I have the very distinct pleasure of knowing this weeks professionals, for nearly (GASP) 30 years! When you’re ready to change your life, and get yourself geared up for the best wedding ever, they are a fantastic starting point!

A note to new couples:

Dear Bride and Groom,

As High School Sweethearts together for 17 years and married for 12 with two beautiful little girls (Carmela and Cecilia), we can honestly say we know what people are talking about when they talk about “True Love”.   We remember how excited we were to share our love for each other with family and friends.  We knew our lives together would be great, but that didn’t mean we didn’t want everything about that special celebration to be perfect.  The only problem was, striving for perfection can be a lot of work and can sometimes be a bit stressful.  We wanted to look flawless, feel our best, enjoy our time leading up to that special day, and then have the best celebration a couple could ever have.  I don’t know if you can possibly have a better day than we did on our wedding day, but we hope you do.

There are so many details about your special day to plan for, but we hope you take time to get your Mind, Body, and Spirit in a state that you look back at your pictures one day and say, “I felt so great that day, my mind was clear and focused, I felt so beautiful /handsome, and we really were at our best.”

We love helping people like you get the results they are looking for and “Wedding Ready” through the power of nutrition.  We have the best tried and true program for on the go people with busy lives.  Let us help you and your fiancé be your best on your special day and every day after.

-Melt fat off your body while toning and firming

-Get Glowing, softer and more beautiful skin (face and body)

-Gain Energy, balance, and restful nights

Wishing You Health and Wealth,

James & Janelle Bucci



(518) 857-1633


#wildlife walking the #trails @thekaaterskill  #trekking #travelny #catskillny

#wildlife walking the #trails @thekaaterskill #trekking #travelny #catskillny

Vendor Spotlight - Pippy’s Food Truck


One of my favorite memories from childhood was the county fair. The sites, sounds, and smells. I can remember weaving in and out of the grounds from rides to games, tickets to shows, past these intoxicating trucks that were just encompassed in these amazing scents. The food trucks. The heart of the fair, really. And no food truck holds a closer place to my summer heart than a good ol’ hot dog truck! Now those days are long gone, and nothing about this weeks professional is “good ol’”, but the very concept of having one of these magical vehicles of deliciousness be part of a big day, is enough to warm my soul, and take me back to those dog days of summer. Take my vision of youth, and spin it right on it’s head, and you have a good sense of this amazing experience. The food truck craze has been one of my favorite trends on the wedding scene, over the last few years. What an amazing and FUN way to feed your guests hearts and bellies! Pippy’s is a great option, who doesn’t fall short on fun, by far!


Pippy’s Food Truck is based out of our neighboring town, Palenville, NY. They are going into their fourth year of business and serving gourmet hot dogs, veggie dogs, locally made sausage, grilled seasonal vegetables, barbequed meats, homemade toppings and much, much more. Pippy’s passion for food trucks began in the 1970’s when she was a little girl, helping her grandmother, Lonnie Smith, on her hot dog truck. (She even uses her meat and onion sauce recipes!) Pippy’s is a vintage 1972 International box truck, lovingly restored and hand painted.

All toppings and sides are homemade, using locally sourced ingredients and purveyors. This means corn on the cob from Story Farms in the summer, raw sauerkraut from Sauerkraut Seth’s of Philmont, sausage from Fleisher’s of Kingston, Dirty Blonde onion sauce from New World Home Cooking, spicy homemade chili sauce, and much more. Pippy’s takes classic Americana and puts a modern, eclectic spin on it. One customer favorite is the Banh mi, made with homemade pate, house pickled carrots, mayo, sriracha, and cilantro, and can be made vegetarian, too. She is always looking for new artisans to feature on her truck, and Pippy’s collaborates with local culinary talent to elevate the food truck to the next level.


Looking for more information? You can see more of Pippy’s Food Truck on the following media:





And when you are ready to talk details, you can contact Pippy’s Food Truck as follows:


Salon: (845) 853-2287


Final Note to New Couples:


Pippy’s Food Truck is a moveable feast and party, spreading great food and happiness wherever we travel. Whether it’s a cocktail party, wedding reception, after-party, or simple gathering, we can make your special day extra-special. Look forward to meeting you and working with you to create an unforgettable event!

-Heather Williams (aka “Pippy”)


#wilderness walking the #trails @thekaaterskill #travelny #catskillny still lots of#snow in the ground #hudsonvalley

#wilderness walking the #trails @thekaaterskill #travelny #catskillny still lots of#snow in the ground #hudsonvalley

#simple #beautiful #travel a #girl and a #horse @thekaaterskill #snow #nycisbest

#simple #beautiful #travel a #girl and a #horse @thekaaterskill #snow #nycisbest

Vendor Spotlight - JTD Productions


"The Music and the DJ can make or break the Wedding!" I took this amazing piece of insight right from the JTD Productions website. How true it is. I have experienced my fair share of DJ’s here in the wedding world. And for all sorts of requested vibes for events. In selecting a DJ for your big day, a few of the things to consider are how long they have been in the industry, how well received they have been by other couples, and easy they are to work with. Hit the nail on the head here for JTD Productions. Not only are they top notch wedding professionals, JTD is super easy to work with, and extremely well loved by all of the couples that have worked with him. JTD Productions are some of the best around, and I am so excited to share this amazing company with you, my amazing Kaaterskill followers!

Dave Leonard has been DJ’ing professionally since 1988. He started out on college radio, and quickly people began asking him to DJ their parties because they really liked what he was doing on the air. As his radio career blossomed, his DJ business was growing at an even faster pace! He was becoming booked almost every single weekend with elegant and country style weddings and was starting to have to turn business down. There were so many cookie-cutter cheesy DJ’s all playing the same fifty songs, and there was a growing need for his musical knowledge and experience, unobtrusive style and tasteful presentation. He hand picked and training musicians and music loving friends, name the business after his yellow lab Jeffrey, and created JTD Productions. Most of his time now is spent running and growing his DJ business during the week, and DJ’ing weddings on the weekends. He has kept his radio show since, and it is now syndicated. You can have a listen here


Dave currently has five qualified DJ’s and they also help with live musicians for ceremonies and cocktails if needed. His office manager Nellie runs the day-to-day operations and together they make sure that you have the total peace of mind from the very first call to the very last song. They like to say at JTD…”There is no greater luxury than peace of mind, and no greater luxury than shakin’ your booty. We guarantee both.”


The Kaaterskill: “Share with me a bit about your passions, as related to the wedding industry.”

Dave / JTD Productions: “I love music. I love family. I love my friends. I love love. I love bringing all kinds of people together through and with music. I love being able to read and relate to a diverse crowd and provide a softer soundtrack when dining and an  all out dance party when needed. I love what I do.”


Looking for more information? You can find more information on JTD Productions on the following media:

Website -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Google+ -

LinkedIn -

Pinterest -

Radio -

Ready to talk details? You can contact JTD Productions as follows:

(845) 853-8912

Check availability online at


Final note to new couples:

"I want you to feel totally comfortable hiring us on a financial, logistic, and artistic level. It is important for you to feel a connection and a trust with your entire team of vendors. This will help tremendously throughout the wedding planning process. I feel we are a very important part of your wedding day and can make a difference between an ordinary party and the most exciting, fun filled celebration of your life. Our role is to give you one hell of the dance party of your life, while holding the standards of a wedding. My team and I are well versed in today’s indie and pop music, as well as your guilty pleasures from the 80’s and 90’s, and the classic rock, soul, Motown, and jazz standards spanning the last fifty years. I personally want this to be an enjoyable and fun experience for you and will do everything to ensure your peace of mind throughout the process, AND give you the best party of your life so you will send me Christmas cards of your children in years to come." - Dave



The perfect#getaway 2 hours from#nyc #hudsonvalley #catskills #travelny

The perfect#getaway 2 hours from#nyc #hudsonvalley #catskills #travelny